It’s time to reclaim your vitality

True wellbeing requires a holistic approach. In partnership with you, I will nurture you and help you flourish: mind and body. Combining my experience as a qualified Berkhamsted PsychologistYoga TeacherHealth and Fitness Coach I can help if you are:

  • Seeking a little more peace in your life
  • Seeking a positive relationship with your body
  • Interested in exploring the therapeutic benefits of yoga
  • Feeling stressed, burnt out or ill and looking for solutions
  • At a crossroads and looking for clarity, purpose and direction
  • Looking for a bigger, richer, fuller life
  • A new parent in need of support as you adjust to a major life change
  • Looking for more energy, vitality and abundance
  • Grieving for a loved one and need support
  • Concerned about the wellbeing of your teenager
  • Ready to see yourself really flourish: head, heart and body

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Call or email me to book in your Complimentary phone consultation.

Call: 07951 440 255

Suzy is available  for skype and phone consultations worldwide,
and for face to face sessions in London and Hertfordshire.

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How I can help you?

Combining my experience as a Chartered Psychologist, Yoga Teacher, Health and Fitness Coach, these are my commitments to you:

I will be your impartial sounding board.

I will listen to you, accept you and take the time to understand.

I will brainstorm with you, encourage you and support you.

I will help you find clarity, purpose and direction.

Together we will define your goals and I will help you achieve them.

We will formulate your own action plan. I will keep you energised and inspired to last the distance and most importantly, to enjoy the journey and beyond.

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